About Alcohol reduction treatment

Get help to stay dry in the fight against alcohol addiction 

The UK has a worldwide reputation as a nation of drinkers. Millions of UK citizens are classed as ‘alcohol dependent’. With alcohol being such a part of British norm and culture, it may be difficult to cut back on alcohol for your health and wellbeing. Drinking too much alcohol on a regular basis can make it difficult for you to complete daily activities and function at work. Alcohol can also become an addictive drink causing high risk to your liver function and overall health. 

There are many clinical services and pharmacies that can help you find the discipline needed to drink in moderation, or to give up alcohol altogether if preferred/required. 

As a support to the NHS, we are now providing alcohol reduction treatment normally undertaken by your GP, in a range of our pharmacies, meaning you can now get treated when it suits you, as opposed to long waiting times at your GP’s surgery. 

Our alcohol reduction treatment program has been tailored to suit your needs and make it convenient for people to reach out for help. Book an appointment now through the Weldricks App.

Below is a map and list of which of our pharmacies offer alcohol reduction treatment in-branch. Want to find out more? Our pharmacies can be reached by telephone or email, alternatively you can  contact our customer service team.

Alcohol reduction treatment is available at the following pharmacies

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