C+D Award Winners 2016

This pharmacy’s intervention service sought to take practical steps to improve its patients’ medicines optimisation. The team works constructively with three local GP practices to identify and solve reoccurring medicines problems, as well as highlighting any potential risks involved. For example, identifying that many prescriptions of ticagrelor did not have an end date for treatment, the firm recommended the practices add these dates, and also raise awareness that allowing treatment with this drug to continue indefinitely would result in an increased risk of bleeding.

Doubling the number of pharmacists on duty has allowed them to expand the service from simple conversations about medicines quantity to complex interventions on topics such as a patient’s correct supply of insulin. Having two multilingual pharmacists on the team also helps overcome any communication issues with patients from the local Polish and South Asian communities. When it comes to judging the service’s success, the numbers speak for themselves – more than 4,300 interventions were conducted in 2015.

What the judges said: “This is a great example of local commissioners identifying both a need and a commissioning solution.”