Fit to Fly Covid Tests

Weldricks Pharmacy is now offering a Fit to Fly COVID test service to ensure you are all prepared to travel. Purchase the test at any local pharmacy branch or order online for home delivery and take the lateral flow test in the comfort of your own home.  

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What types of Fit to Fly tests do we offer?

Weldricks Pharmacy’s Fit to Fly tests is at-home lateral flow antigen tests, which are taken from the comfort of your own home by you. These tests are only suitable for destinations where a non-supervised lateral flow antigen test is accepted for entry.

The tests are suitable for Fit to Fly testing or day two testing once you reach your destination. 

How to purchase a Fit to Fly test with Weldricks

You can purchase a COVID Fit to Fly test online from our online pharmacy, or find your local pharmacy branch and purchase your covid test kit in-store. 

If you are ordering more than one test for travelling with a partner or a group, you will benefit from free standard UK shipping. 

How do at-home COVID Fit to Fly tests work?

  1. Once you have purchased a test and received it either through the post or from your local branch, you will need to activate your test kit(s) online via our website.
  2. From there, simply take the test at the time required by your destination from your home. All our lateral flow antigen tests include simple instructions for how to take the test. There are also clear instructions provided by the NHS. It’s important to take note of whether your tests require a nose or mouth swab, or both. 
  3. Once your results are shown, you will need to upload these to the Pharmadoctor website with a photo of your test results. 
  4. Our certified test provider, Pharmadoctor, then certifies your test results and reports them to the relevant bodies. 
  5. If you reported a negative result, you will be sent your Fit to Fly certificate via email to download and use when travelling.

How much does a COVID Fit to Fly test cost?

Weldricks Pharmacy Fit to Fly tests are £19.99 per test, with one test per kit. You can purchase multiple tests for you and whoever you are travelling with.

Covid Testing for travel with Weldricks Pharmacy

Needing further information on our Fit to Fly test service? Our qualified pharmacists are available to answer your questions. We also have a complete Fit to Fly tests guide for your benefit, offering advice on obtaining your Fit to Fly certificates including when to order your test and when you will get your results.

Weldricks Pharmacy also offers an in-branch COVID-19 testing service at selected branches across the UK, for those who prefer to come in to take a test, whether you are required to by your workplace or want to do so before an event. You can have your lateral flow antigen test results by text in 20 minutes. 

Please note, if you are experiencing COVID symptoms or have received a positive lateral flow test result, please do not visit our branches. Instead, follow government guidance for self-isolation and booking a PCR test.

COVID and Travel FAQs

When is an at-home Fit to Fly test required?

The requirements for each country differs, so if you have a trip abroad planned and coming up, whether it’s for work or leisure, you will need to check the website for travel advice. Their foreign travel advice tool allows you to browse a vast range of countries and identify their requirements and the documentation you will need to be allowed to enter the country without any issues. You can even enter your email address, to be kept up to date with the travel requirements of a certain country. 

If your destination country states that an unsupervised lateral flow antigen test is accepted for entry, you can order one from our website or buy one in-branch to receive your Fit to Fly certificate. 

When will you receive your test results?

The Fit to Fly tests provided by Weldricks Pharmacy are lateral flow antigen tests, which provide almost instant results. You should wait around 30 minutes before reporting your test result to ensure the results are final and accurate; don’t report your results after a matter of minutes as lateral flow results can take time to show up. 

What should you do if your test result is negative?

If your lateral flow test results are negative, once you have reported your results, you will receive your Fit to Fly certificate via email that you can use to prove you are fit to travel. 

What should you do if your test result is positive?

If you test positive, you should follow NHS advice for a positive test result for the correct procedure, where you are advised to stay at home and avoid contact with other people to avoid passing COVID on to others. The NHS will also advise on when to retest and self-isolation requirements. 

What is a lateral flow antigen test?

Lateral flow tests are suitable for those who are not displaying COVID symptoms and involve taking self-administered swabs of the nose and/or throat, which then detects the presence of COVID’s virus protein. If the proteins are detected, you will receive a positive test result and if not, you will receive a negative test result and are fit to travel. 

Are Fit to Fly travel certificates included in the price?

Yes, once you have reported your negative results, you will receive your Fit to Fly certificate via email to download and use for travel, at no additional cost.

Who provides the lateral flow tests?

Weldricks Pharmacy’s lateral flow device tests are provided by Pharmadoctor, listed on the website as a certified private testing provider.

Needing further information?

Our qualified Pharmacists are available to answer your questions.

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