Gluten Free Foods

Living gluten free today is easier than ever before. Whether you’re a coeliac disease sufferer, have an intolerance or want to go gluten-free as a dietary choice, the range of gluten free foods available is constantly growing across several brands. The popularity of the gluten free diet - favoured by many sportspeople and fitness enthusiasts - has led to an increased demand for good quality gluten free food, both in supermarkets and in restaurants.

Long-term coeliac disease sufferers or those with a gluten intolerance will no doubt remember the times when gluten free bread could only be obtained on prescription or by ordering direct from supplier; when the idea of gluten free biscuits, pasta and cereals was nothing more than a daydream fantasy and the request for a gluten free option in restaurants was met with a confused, withering look from the waiting staff.

At Weldricks we now have a range of gluten free foods which are available at a low cost to you. Whether you’re looking for flour, snacks or pasta we are confident in our selection of gluten free foods.