Biscuits are the ultimate snacking food, and whether you’re a dunker or not everybody has an opinion on their favourite biscuit.

For so long though, the opportunity for a biscuit break was unavailable to those on a gluten free diet, such as coeliacs or those with a gluten intolerance. The only biscuits options available were terrible, dry offerings that you needed to dunk in your tea or coffee just to add some moisture to them, which means they were generally avoided.

Now though gluten free biscuits are readily available with many of the top gluten free brands offering their own versions of bourbon creams, custard creams, digestive biscuits, cookies and more. Even supermarkets have got involved, creating their own brand of gluten free biscuits to give gluten free snackers some much needed variety.

The biscuits in our selection are from top gluten free brands including Juvela, Glutafin and Barkat, so you can snack with confidence that you will not be exposing yourself to any gluten by cross contamination or directly.