Normally best avoided for those on a gluten free diet, especially those suffering from coeliacs disease or with a gluten intolerance, we now have a range of cereals to choose from that are completely gluten free. The very nature of cereal means that it is quite a minefield if you are on a gluten free diet, the grains of wheat, rye, barley and oats being commonly used in many cereals rendering them not suitable for coeliacs.

The demand for a wider variety and better quality of gluten free foods though has led to many new cereals becoming available gluten free. Whereas before there was only the option of oats, now it is possible to get gluten free variations of most popular cereals from chocolate pops to frosted flakes.

At Weldricks we have a range of cereals that are certified gluten free, from top brands including Glutafin, Juvela and Barkat. These are available in different quantities and styles, including fibre flakes, porridge, cornflakes and rice pops to provide even adults with a range of choices of breakfast cereal.