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LQD Spray

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What is LQD Spray?

LQD Spray is a new wound spray that can be used as a dressing on your wound. It contains ultrapure chitosan, a naturally occurring molecule with a proven ability to relieve pain and speed up healing. Chitosan is also anti-microbial, helping to prevent infection.

Who is LQD Spray recommended for?

LQD Spray is recommended for people with chronic wounds, such as leg ulcers or diabetic foot ulcers, acute wounds, cuts and grazes, wounds in awkward areas and for people with superficial burns.

How to use LQD Spray?

LQD Spray is easy to use.

When using LQD Spray for the first time, prime the spray by pressing the nozzle 5 times.

Simply spray LQD Spray onto your clean wound from a distance of 10cm.

The size of your wound will guide the number of sprays you should apply, e.g. if your wound measures 3x3cm use 2–3 sprays or if it measures 6x6cm 3–4 sprays. Each 12ml bottle of LQD Spray contains approximately 120 sprays.

It is important to leave LQD Spray to dry for 2 minutes to form a protective layer on your wound. Reapply approximately every 48 hours or after washing your wound.

After opening your LQD Spray it may be used for up to 12 weeks.

Do I need another dressing?

If your wound is not leaking wound fluid, then LQD Spray can be used on its own. It can also be used in combination with certain wound dressings, if needed.

Your healthcare professional can give you advice on this.

How often should I apply LQD Spray?

Reapply approximately every 48 hours or sooner and after showering. 

When should I stop using LQD Spray?

LQD Spray can be used until your wound has completely healed.

If your wound begins to deteriorate, for example, becomes red, hot, swollen or leaky, this might indicate infection. In this situation, you should notify your health care professional immediately.