LQD - Wound Care

LQD Wound Care Spray is an innovative and unique spray-on primary dressing containing Chitosan FH02TM for the external, local treatment of chronic wounds, acute wounds and superficial partial thickness burns. Chitosan is refined from chitin, a naturally occurring biopolymer. The chitosan used for LQD® is derived from the shell of the Norwegian Arctic Sea shrimp, which is processed specifically for medicinal use and is not treated with chemicals, to produce the ultra-pure active ingredient.

A breakthrough in advanced wound care, LQD® is a highly effective spray-on primary dressing, which can be easily used by patients and relatives during treatment at home, providing expert medical care without expert supervision. It forms a chitosan-containing semi-permeable membrane over the wound within two minutes of application that conforms perfectly to the wound bed.

Chitosan is a natural haemostat, it influences the behaviour of growth factors to stimulate healing, is a natural antimicrobial, nontoxic, biocompatible and is biodegradable (Dai, Tanaka, Huang and Hamblin, 2011). When applied to open wounds it provides physical protection and suppresses the secretion and expression of proinflammatory cytokines so contributing to pain relief.

LQD® works best on wounds that have been debrided and the wound bed properly prepared. LQD® is not fully effective if applied to heavily exuding wounds. Heavy fibrin coatings and necrotic tissue must be removed (debridement) before treatment with LQD®. Wound cleansing and debriding should be carried out as per local protocol.

LQD® is suitable for the treatment of chronic and acute wounds such as secondary wound healing disorders, epidermal and superficial partial thickness burns, leg ulcers, post-operative wound healing, diabetic foot syndrome, tumour wounds, bed sores, etc. Thanks to the innovative spray application, it can also be applied to wounds that are difficult to reach (fistula tracts and wound pockets). LQD® is also compatible with all standard wound fillers for deep wounds with or without loculation. It is also used for special wounds like peristomal skin conditions, PEG, drainages and many other types of wounds.