June 2016

3 of the Best Insect Repellents for Travelling

3 of the Best Insect Repellents for Travelling

15th June, 2016

Your holiday has finally arrived. You’ve touched down at your destination, unpacked your bags and are sitting out on the balcony for a relaxing aperitif, when you hear the noise you dread. Nothing ruins that holiday feeling more than the buzz of insects.

Fear not. These insect repellents will help keep bugs at bay so you can go back to enjoying your break.

Safely Buying the Emergency Contraceptive Pill

3rd June, 2016

It has emerged in the news that the morning after pill (Emergency Contraceptive pill) is illegally being sold on eBay for as little as around £5. Weldricks only sell genuine, UK licensed medications and ask the questions stipulated by the product license to make sure it is safe and suitable for our customers to take.