Published: 9th April, 2015 in: Health Advice News Quit Smoking Smoking Harm Reduction

New site for Electronic Cigarettes and Accessories.

Ecigsuppliers.co.uk are dedicated to providing a reliable product, efficiently with a strong focus on customer service and delivering to adults who smoke cigarettes. Ecigsuppliers.co.uk are backed by a dedicated team of UK registered pharmacists and doctors who understand that while the ultimate goal of our customers is the stop their use altogether, it is also key to reduce the harm from toxins found in cigarette smoke to both themselves and those around them.

What is an Electronic Cigarette?

Electronic cigarettes are delivery devices of nicotine as a vapour. This vapour does not have the harmful tar, tobacco or Carbon Monoxide that a normal cigarette contains.

What can I do if Electronic cigarettes are not right for me?

There are a number of options available to you if you feel that electronic cigarettes are not the correct choice for you. Why not look at NRT (Nicotine replacement) solutions such as lozenges, gum or patches. These are all available at the following Pharmacy website www.weldricks.co.uk/smoking-cessation.

However, if you are still left wondering what to do and would like to talk to a UK registered Doctor. VisitWeldricks Online Dr for either an email or telephone consultation at www.weldricks.co.uk/online-doctorand click on the ‘need a consultation‘ button.

Where can I vape/smoke an electronic cigarette?

Currently in the UK electronic cigarettes are not subject to the smoking ban, but individual properties may have rules regarding their usage. It is always good practice to check with the owner of the property before you begin.


Visit now; www.ecig-suppliers.co.uk or if you have any pharmacy needs, visit Weldricks Online Pharmacy.