Allergy Kids "i Have Hayfever" Wristband

Allergy Kids "i Have Hayfever" Wristband

Allergy Kids "i Have Hayfever" Wristband

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Brand: Allergy Kids
Code: 5552574903
Weight: 20g



These fun designs make Allergy Kids wristbands more appealing to children and are therefore more likely to be worn.

Despite the fun element of the wristbands, they still provide a serious underlying message by helping to give parents and carers the reassurance that in the event that the unexpected happens, important allergy and medical information is clearly displayed and can be readily conveyed to the professionals who need to know.

They are 100% hypo-allergenic (non-toxic) and capable of withstanding most things an active youngster can throw at them.


  • Measures: Length = 17cm.
  • Adjustable: 2 press stud configuration.
  • 100% Hypo-Allergenic (non-toxic).
  • Unique 3D Character and Alert Message design.




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