Arkogas Capsules Pack of 32

Arkogas Capsules Pack of 32

Arkogas Capsules Pack of 32

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Brand: Arkopharma
Code: 5551030098
Weight: 100g


Arkogas is intended to be used to improve intestinal and abdominal comfort in people affected by gastrointestinal problems liked to gas formation; bloating, flatulence and abdominal tension.

Arkogas is simethicone-based.  It improves intestinal and abdominal comfort by preventing or reducing discomfort linked to as formation.  Simethicone is scientifically proven to act by reducing the surface tension of air bubbles present in the gastrointestinal tract:


  • it reduces gas, bloating and flatulence (anti-foaming effect)
  • it reduces gaseous shadows in the intestine.



Take 1 to 2 capsules after each meal with a large glass of water.


For adults only.  

Should not be taken during pregnancy.


Simethicone, gelatine, glycerol, dimethicone, titanium dioxide, potassium sorbate, orange yellow S, azorubine.