Easy Breathers Tissues Pack of 30

Easy Breathers Tissues Pack of 30

Easy Breathers Tissues Pack of 30

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Brand: Easy Breathers
Code: 0115741
Weight: 36g


Easy Breathers are convenient, easy to use tissues that release soothing vapours to combat nasal congestion. Containing natural herbal ingredients, Easy Breathers powerful, penetrating vapours are fast acting and are suitable for use all year round, avoiding the need for messy oils or rubs that can stain clothes or bed linen. Each pocket-sized pack contains 30 tissues that will last the duration of an average cold and can be hygienically discarded after use.

  • Powerful, penetrating vapours
  • Deep vapour penetration helps to release blocked sinuses
  • Easy to use, fast acting soothing of nasal congestion
  • Contains natural herbal ingredients including camphor and menthol
  • Economical, handy pocket sized pack
  • 30 tissues per pack
  • Discreet, clean and hygienic to use


  • Lift centre flap and pull to remove entire cap 
  • Twist first square from centre of roll and thread through hole in cap. 
  • Replace cap.

To use: 

  • Lift centre flap and pull out each square as required, tearing off at the perforation.
  • Hold square under nose and breathe in the powerful vapours.
  • Close centre flap when not in use.


Use only as directed.

Avoid contact with eyes.  Rinse immediately with clean water if contact occurs.

Keep out of the reach of children.


Camphor, Menthol, Oil of Wintergreen, Nutmeg Oil, Pine Oil.