Feliway Feliscratch Pipettes for Cats Pack of 9


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Scratching is an instinctive and natural behaviour for cats. Trying to stop it could make your cat anxious or stressed. Feliscratch by Feliway encourages your cat to scratch on a desired location.

Each dose of Feliscratch by Feliway contains a copy of the natural pheromone that cats leave on the places they scratch and encourages them to scratch there again.


Simply apply the content of one pipette of Feliscratch on the scratching post you want your cat to use, daily for the first 7 days, and then 1 pipette at the beginning of week 3 and 1 pipette at the beginning of week 4.

As a precaution to avoid potential spillage on fabrics, furniture or carpets, it’s recommended to place down your post on a sink or a newspaper and apply slowly, by drawing 2 or 3 lines that will mimic the natural lacerations made by cats.

Wait for 5 minutes to allow to dry before installing your post vertically, preferably close to the area where your cat scratches, or where they usually rest.

If you have more than one cat, make sure each cat has its own scratching post to prevent competition access that could lead to unwanted scratching in your home.

Feliscratch should continue to be applied once a week.

Remember, Feliscratch should always be applied where you want your cat to scratch on,


Contains blue staining.

Avoid potential spillage on fabrics, furniture or carpets by placing down your scratching post on a sink or a newspaper before applying.

Keep out of reach of children.

Do not apply on cats.


Feline Interdigital Semiochemical (F.I.S.) analogue 0.5%, Excipients (among which 0.1% catnip) qs 5ml.

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