Hothands Hand Warmers Pack of 2

Hothands Hand Warmers Pack of 2
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Hothands Hand Warmers Pack of 2

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Brand: Hothands
Code: 3662046
Weight: 50g (includes packaging)


Hothands Hand Warmers protect you from the chill anywhere you are - use for daily warmth or whilst participating in sports. The warmers are ready to use, warm quickly and provide easy consistent warmth that lasts for 8 hours.

Usage Scenarios:

  • Walking the dog
  • Walking/Rambling/Hiking
  • Commuting
  • Golf
  • At a football match
  • Skiing


Open the sachet by hand; exposure to air starts the warming action.

To protect hands from cold, hold the warmer in an enclosed area such as a pocket or mitten or place inside a glove. The level of protection against the cold is to be assessed by the user.


Do not use this product:

  • On infants or small children
  • On frostbite
  • Directly against the skin
  • While sleeping
  • On scars
  • Over open wounds
  • On desensitised skin
  • On bruising
  • On inflammation or swelling
  • During intensive exercise e.g. running or jogging
  • With other heating devices
  • If you have allergies, arthritis, sensitive skin, diabetes, circulatory problems, nerve damage or paralysis

For external use only.

Do not heat this product up in a microwave.


Iron, activated carbon and water.

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