Keratex Hoof Shield 250ml

Keratex Hoof Shield 250ml

Keratex Hoof Shield 250ml


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Brand: Keratex
Code: 9995474852
Weight: 280g (includes packaging)


Keratex Hoof Shield forms a shiny, clear, varnish-like finish to hooves and dries in seconds. It will leave a crytal-clear sparkle, making it perfect for shows.


Start with a clean, dry hoof. Apply as required to hoof walls ONLY. Do not apply to the coronary band, frog, soles or bulbs of the heel. For use on healthy hooves only. Do not let straw or dust come into contact with the varnished hoof until dry, otherwise the finish will be spoiled.



Keep out of reach of children
Keep container tightly closed when not in use - Keep away from naked flames or other sources of ignition - Harmful and irritating by inhalation - Use in a well ventilated area
Avoid contact with the eyes and skin - In case of contact with the eyes, rinse immediately with water and seek medical advice.
After contact with the skin wash immediately with water.
In case of ingestion, visit a Poison Control Center and a physician.
Keep away from horse’s eyes, nose and mouth.
Not to be used on animals intended for human consumption.


Acetone CAS No 67-64-1, N butyl acetate CAS No 123-86-4, Dioctyl sebacate CAS No 122-62-3, n-propanol CAS No 71-23-8, Cellulose nitrate CAS No 9004-70-0.

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