Lifesystems Worldwide Travel Adapter

Lifesystems Worldwide Travel Adapter

Lifesystems Worldwide Travel Adapter

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Brand: Lifesystems
Code: 5555707100
Weight: 94g (includes packaging)


Lifesystems Travel Adapter converts 3-pin UK plugs for use with European, American and Australian plug socket systems. Most African and Asian countries use one of these systems.


Follow all of the instructions carefully that are contained on the packaging of the product.


Electricity can be dangerous. If in doubt consult a qualified electrician.

This product is for use only outside the UK. Do not attempt to use within the UK.

Not suitable for use by children. Do not leave children unattended when this item is in use.

Carefully check that the local voltage is suitable for your electrical product before use.

Use only with standard 3 square pin UK plugs or UK shaver plugs.

Use only with electrical items operating between 100 - 250 volts (max 7.5 amps)

For power outlets without an earth connection, only use this adapter with electrical items that do not require an earth connection (i.e electrical item using a two core mains cable).

Intended for temporary or infrequent use only.

Always attach this adapter to appliance plug before connecting to electrical outlet. Remove from outlet before detatching adapter from appliance plug.


There are no ingredients listed for this product.

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