Multi-gyn Floraplus Pack of 5

Multi-gyn Floraplus Pack of 5

Multi-gyn Floraplus Pack of 5

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Brand: Multi-gyn
Code: 3672813
Weight: 52g (includes packaging)


Multi Gyn FloraPlus - Prevents and treats vaginal thrush problems.

  • Treats and prevents vaginal thrush
  • 5 day treatment course
  • Relieves itching, irritation, odour and discharge
  • Prevents recurring thrush
  • Prebiotic effect supports a healthy vaginal flora
  • Aloe main ingredient - completely safe and natural
  • Optimises vaginal pH

How Multi Gyn FloraPlus works

Multi Gyn FloraPlus keeps your vagina in balance by suppressing harmful microbes and by supporting the useful Lactobacilli flora.  In this way FloraPlus is highly effective in preventing (recurring) vaginal problems. It alleviates discomforts such as discharge, itch, irritation, redness and sensitivity.  The prebiotics components in FloraPlus support the growth of the good lactobacilli.  FloraPlus optimises the vaginal flora and pH.

The bio-active 2QR-complex counters harmful micro-organisms without risk of resistance.  This unique combination makes Multi-Gyn FloraPlus the ideal product for a healthy vagina.


For the treatment of vaginal thrush problems

Use 1 single dose tube just before you go to sleep for 5 consecutive days.

For direct relief of vaginal itch, irritation, odour and discharge

Apply 1 single dose tube at any time you need relief of such symptoms.

For prevention of vaginal problems (such as recurrent thrush infections)

To stimulate the good lactobacilli and to protect against vaginal problems, 1 application of FloraPlus every 3 days is sufficient.


When Multi-Gyn does not improve, but worsen complaints there are the following possibilities:

  • Allergy; anyone can be allergic to anything. Check by applying Multi-Gyn ActiGel on the inside of the forearm. When an itching red spot appears, allergy can be concluded to one of the components in the gel.
  • Check for Candidiasis. Multi-Gyn ActiGel is not an antimycotic medication. It counters yeast meaning that the gel can keep infection with candida away, but it cannot cure an infection. FloraPlus is the solution to prevent and treat yeast problems..
  • 1 % of women with complaints have a condition called “lactobacillosis” or "cytolitic vaginosis". This is an overgrowth of lactobacilli. This condition gives a very low pH , below pH 4. Because ActiGel (and very strongly so, FloraPlus) stimulates the growth of lactobacilli, you should not use the products under these circumstances. In this case regular vaginal douching to flush the surplus of lactobacilli out is often a good solution.

The products don’t contain hormones or components that have an influence on hormones.


Ingredients: Galactoarabinan Polyglucoronic Acid Crosspolymer*, monosaccharides, amino acids, vitamins, ascorbic acid.

*2QR: patented bio-active polysaccharides


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