Omron TENS E4 Electronic Muscle Massager

Omron TENS E4 Electronic Muscle Massager

Omron TENS E4 Electronic Muscle Massager

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Brand: Omron
Code: 3022589
Weight: 175g


The Omron TENS E4 Electronic Muscle Massager comes complete with comprehensive instructions enclosed within the packaging.  Please ensure you read all of the instructions before first use.


Omron's most advanced TENS device. Intelligent electronic preprogrammed treatments allow a wide variety of applications.
Setting the device is remarkably easy and each program stage is easy to monitor on the large display.
Every program and pulse rate per pad can be adjusted in intensity. In manual mode full control of intensity and frequency is possible.
Two Large, easy applicable Long Life pads included.


  • 12 different treatment programs
  • Includes a pain relief program (1200 Hz) 
  • Adjustable pulse rate per pad (left/right) 
  • Lightweight ergonomic design 
  • Includes extra comfortable Long Life pads 
  • Operates from 2 x AAA batteries


This unit must not be used in combination with the following medical devices:

  • Internally transplanted electronicmedical devices, e.g. pacemakers 
  • Electronic life support equipment, such as respirators 
  • Electronic medical devices attached to the body, such as electrocardiographs

Using this unit with other electronic medical devices may cause erroneous operation of those devices.

Persons with the following conditions must consult the doctor before using this unit:

  • acute disease 
  • malignant tumor
  • infectious disease
  • pregnancy
  • cardiac dysfunction
  • high fever
  • abnormal blood pressure
  • skin sensory disorders or skin problems
  • receiving medical treatment, especially those feeling discomfort

May cause an accident or ill health.


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