Pampers Change Mats Pack of 12

Pampers Change Mats Pack of 12

£5.49 Save: £1.45 RRP: £6.94

Brand: Pampers
Code: 2698736
Weight: 400g (includes packaging)


Pampers Changemats are absorbent disposable mats for use when making nappy changes on the go. Pampers Change Mats are small enough to fit into your bag, so that you can take them with you whenever you have to change your baby - whether it is at a friend's place, out shopping or in the car.


To avoid risk of suffocation, Changemats should not be used on a soft surface where the child is unsupervised, such as a cot, bed or playpen. For sleeping/overnight use for children over 12 months old, always place the ChangeMat under the bed linen with the white absorbent surface face up.

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