Safe & Sound Quilted Gauze Pads Pack of 10

Safe & Sound Quilted Gauze Pads Pack of 10


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An essential in every first aid kid, gauze pads have multiple uses and can be used for cleaning, or apply ointments to a wound, absorbing wound fluid or blood, adding padding and protection to additional dressings and protecting the wound from bacteria and contaminations that could cause infection.

Safe & Sound sterile quilted gauze pads are made from extra thick and comfortable material that helps move fluids away from the wound and assists with absorption. The extra thick material provides extra cushioning when using as a wound pas under other dressings and bandages. The quilted gauze pads are low-lint and have an adherent surface, meaning the quilted gauze pads won’t stick to wound or cause irritation. Each pack of these quilted gauze pads contains 10 20cm x 40cm quilted gauze pads

  • Perfect for cleaning and drying wounds
  • Help keep wounds clean
  • Locks in ointments, creams and lotions
  • Quilted pockets help move fluids away from wounds
  • Our quilted gauze pads are sterile
  • The thick material provides extra cushions
  • Can be used under additional dressings as a comfortable wound pad

Thoroughly wash your hands before treating any wound. Use either soap and water or antibacterial hand gel.

Gently clean the wound under running water or flush the wound with an antiseptic wound spray.

Pat the wound dry with a piece of quilted gauze.

Place a fresh piece of quilted gauze over the wound.

Secure with dressing tape of bandage.

Apply a fresh gauze pad and dressing when required.

Gauze pads should only be used once.

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