ThermoDr Microwaveable Joint Wrap

ThermoDr Microwaveable Joint Wrap

ThermoDr Microwaveable Joint Wrap

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Brand: ThermoDr
Code: 3988052
Weight: 450g


With the addition of an elasticated Velcro strap to keep the Heatpack in place, ThermoDR Joint Wrap is made from soft durable fleece fabric, filled with 100% natural, cleaned UK wheat and comes with optional French lavender.

Designed with physiotherapists, the Joint Wrap is a non-invasive way of applying heat (or cool) around your main joints including wrists, elbows, knees and ankles in order to assist in the relief of pain and discomfort.

The natural grains combined with the fresh aroma of the lavender, provides a relaxing aromatherapy effect in addition to the heat healing properties.

An innovative addition to the design with a 2 channel distribution, allowing for a greater flow of wheat and therefore a more equal distribution of heat preventing the wheat from falling to one side as in other designs.

Targeted Muscles:

Leg, knee & Ankle - Commonly, leg, knee and ankle pain is caused by stiffness of the joints and muscles. Thermotherapy can help relax the tight muscles by increasing the elasticity of joint connective tissues and opening up blood vessels, increasing blood flow to your injured elbow joint, promoting healing.

Arms & Elbow - Golfer's elbow, tennis elbow or general strain can occur when the joint tendons, muscles and ligaments responsible for controlling movement of your forearm develop small tears, or micro tears resulting in pain, inflammation, restriction of movement and formation of calcium deposits and scar tissue. Thermotherapy can help relieve these symptoms by opening up blood vessels and increases blood flow to your injured elbow joint, promoting healing.


Use only as directed.


This product can cause burns, avoid prolonged direct contact with the skin.

Take care when removing from the microwave oven.

Do not overheat.

Do not leave any child unattended with this item.


Made from soft durable fleece fabric and filled with 100% natural, cleaned UK wheat.

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