Unguentum M Protective Cream 100g

Unguentum M Protective Cream 100g

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Brand: Unguentum M
Code: 0451195
Weight: 100g (includes packaging)


For symptomatic treatment of dermatitis, dry, scaly skin conditions, nappy rash, ichthyosis; protection of raw and abraded skin, eczema, pruritus, related conditions where dry scaly skin is a problem, and as a pre-bathing emollient for dry eczematous skin to alleviate drying effects.


Gently massage cream onto the affected area of skin three times daily as necessary.


Please be aware that this product contains Liquid Paraffin which is highly flammable, keep away from open or gas fires or hobs and naked flames, including candles etc. and not to smoke when using these paraffin containing preparations.
Bedding and clothing should be washed regularly (preferably daily) to minimise the build-up of impregnated paraffin although it may not be completely removed, unless it is washed at a high temperature as paraffin is invisible and can accumulate over time

For external use only.


White ambiphillic emollient cream containing purified water, white soft paraffin, cetostearyl alcohol, polysorbate 40, propylene glycol, liquid paraffin, glycerol monostearate 40-50, medium chain triglycerides, sorbic acid, colloidal anhydrous silica, and sodium hydroxide.

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