Vapestick Classic Cartomizers Original 1.1% Pack of 4 (White)

Vapestick Classic Cartomizers Original 1.1% Pack of 4 (White)

Vapestick Classic Cartomizers Original 1.1% Pack of 4 (White)

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Brand: Vapestick
Code: 5558273035
Weight: 32g


Vapestick Cartomisers have an inbuilt atomizer and therefore there is no need for a separate cartridge.  These cartomizers are for use with the Classic model.

Electronic Cigarettes have fast become a global phenomenon - changing the lives of millions of smokers all over the world. The act of ‘smoking’ an e-cigarette is known as ‘vaping’.  

Vapestick is a range of stylish and high-quality electronic cigarettes and accessories and is constructed using the latest technology, the finest ingredients and components and all adhering to EU regulations.

Vapestick is now the most widely accessible electronic cigarette brand in the UK.

What is it?

  • Looks, feels and tastes just like smoking a normal cigarette.
  • It can contain Nicotine, in the level required, but with:
  • No Restrictions on where you can use it - smoking bans do not apply.
  • No Tar.
  • No Carbon Monoxide.
  • No Smells.
  • No ‘Second-Hand Smoke’.
  • No Fire Hazard.
  • No Ash

Key Benefits

  • A healthier and highly credible alternative to smoking tobacco.
  • A cheaper alternative to smoking tobacco.
  • Can be used anywhere - with no breach of smoking ban.
  • Stylish products.
  • No smell or threats of passive smoking.

Why Choose Vapestick?

Vapestick is a highly desirable brand, offering premium quality through innovative products, contemporary styling and packaging.  Customers are proud to use and show off Vapestick products.

Vapestick is a stylish range of reliable products which are easy to use.