Vapestick Electronic Cigarette Charging Case

Vapestick Electronic Cigarette Charging Case

Vapestick Electronic Cigarette Charging Case

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Brand: Vapestick
Code: 5558273016
Weight: 76g


NOTE: This model is NOT suitable for XL or MAX models.

For Classic and Design models ONLY and FITS Cartomisers.

This newly designed V Charger Case comes in black, with a highly tactile and rubberised outer case. It is still about the same size as a regular packet of 20 cigarettes and is charged up using a mini-USB port on its bottom panel. Once charged, the Case will hold enough charge for up to 6 battery re-charges before itself needing a recharge. The blue LED screen on the front panel indicates, at the push of a sliver button, how much charge is left in the case at any given time.

You can load this case with your Classic or Design VAPESTICK (with Cartomiser attached!), and up to 3 spare Cartomisers, as well as your spare battery of course, which screws into a special outlet within the Case and can be re-charged by the case, on the go, whenever required. An empty battery takes about 90 minutes to fully charge using the case.

This new V Charger Case is available for the VAPESTICK Classic or Design models only.

As with all VAPESTICK products, our V Charger Case is manufactured using the highest quality components and benefits from a 30 days ‘no hassle’ Returns Policy.