Vapoursson ENVOD Electronic Cigarette Kit

Vapoursson ENVOD Electronic Cigarette Kit

Vapoursson ENVOD Electronic Cigarette Kit

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Brand: Vapoursson
Code: 5550105252
Weight: 80g


Vapoursson Electronic Cigarettes brings premium technology to the hands of normal smokers. We design our products around our customers, so they look, feel and taste great. Enjoy style and substance – with the best vaping e cigarettes possible. Vapoursson Envod. The Vapourrson Envod Brings style and simplicity. With a simple to refill clearomizer and button function to start vaping. Innovative Super battery - Safe Feature Protection

Features a 5 click On/Off LED button switch with 'manual' activation to make sure you are in control. The battery is 650 mAh offering 800 puffs when fully charged with the USB charger. The battery capacity is larger than most due to invoative battery designs which also keeps the battery size as small as possible. The battery is built for long lasting durability and put through a high quality control system to make sure you will gain the best experience from vaping your eliquid flavours.


Hold the clearomizer upside down and unscrew off the metal base.

Carefully drip the e-liquid down the inside wall of the tank.

Screw on the metal base and connect the clearomizer with the battery. Wait 2 - 3 minutes for the liquid to sock the wick. Prime the clearomizer by inhaling 3 - 5 times without turning on the battery.

Press the switch button 3 times continously within 2 seconds to unlock/lock. In the unlock status, press and hold the switch button while inhaling.

Plug the Micro USB into the battery port to charge the battery. Only use the charger that comes in this pack.

The battery LED light will flash 3 times to indicate that the battery is charging. The LED light will turn off once fully charged.

Please note: When the battery needs charging it will flash 10 times and turn off when trying to vape.

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