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Join our pharmacy student summer placements in 2024

Are you a pharmacy student wanting to gain experience of working in a community pharmacy during your summer break? Weldricks Pharmacy is now taking applications for our 2024 Summer student placement programme.

About us

Weldricks is a family-owned business with 59 branches located throughout South Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire. We have a long history of providing high quality and comprehensive training and development through providing summer placements, pre-registration training, and creating and delivering our own nationally recognised training for Technicians, Assistants, and Accuracy Checkers. Our placements are available across the South Yorkshire area and North Lincolnshire.

What to expect from your Summer placement

The Weldricks Pharmacy Summer programme provides you with:

  • A structured 6 weeks of experience in community pharmacy.
  • You will learn about both the counter and dispensary sides of pharmacy
  • You will also provide support working alongside the branch pharmacy team

We want enthusiastic, well-motivated students who want to learn about the opportunities, challenges and rewards of working in community pharmacy. Gaining holiday placement experience with us is a good way to develop yourself, learn about the company and community pharmacy, and gives you an advantage when it comes to applying for your pre-registration placement.

How can you apply?

Direct application.

Students wishing to apply should complete an application form available on the link below.

Deadline for applications is 31st December 2023.

Current availability

Applications are now open for summer 2024 placements across the Weldricks Pharmacy group

Weldricks 2024 Summer Placement Application Form

Usman from Liverpool John Moores University completed a summer placement with us in 2020