Vagisan - Everything You Need To Know

Vagisan - Everything You Need To Know

Published: 28th November, 2018 in: Health Advice Skin Conditions

Vaginal dryness can cause great pain and discomfort in an area of sensitive skin, so you need to ensure you are doing what you can to eliminate this issue. The symptoms of vaginal dryness include a dry sensation, itching, soreness/irritation, burning, and pain in the vaginal area both during sexual activity and when not engaging in sexual activity. Vaginal dryness can be caused by things such as menopause, taking the pill, surgery to the uterus or ovaries, and even stress, just to name a few. This pain and discomfort can affect day-to-day life but treating the issue could be easy with the use of products such as Vagisan Moisturising Cream.


What is Vagisan Moist Cream?

Vagisan Moist Cream is a hormone free option for those suffering with vaginal dryness. This smooth white cream is free of oestrogens so can be used during hormone replacement therapy or alternated with hormone-based creams. This product is not a water-based gel meaning it is a soothing formula containing a combination of a lipid component with the water content.

The high water content alongside the nourishing lipids (fats) keeps your skin supple and moisturised. Regular use of this product can help prevent irritation and inflammation within the vagina and external genital area.


How to use Vagisan

Vagisan Moist Cream is for use both internally and externally, with or without the applicator. To apply on the external genital area you should use a clean finger to spread the cream - about 0.5cm of product should suffice. Use this application method for the vaginal opening and external genital area up to several times a day as needed.

To use the cream internally without the applicator use a clean finger with a ribbon of product approximately 2cm in length. For those using the applicator, make sure to fill it approximately half way (or 2.5g of cream). To make application easier apply a small amount of cream around the area of the vaginal entrance. This should be applied daily, preferably in the evening before bed (and wearing a panty liner where possible). Once your symptoms have improved you can reduce how often you use the cream, but this is based on your own needs and usage may have to increase again.

For further instruction on how to apply the cream using the applicator refer to your product leaflet which comes in the box. This will contain in depth instructions and a diagram, ensuring it is made clear to you the proper way to insert the cream. It is recommended that you read the product leaflet before use.


When can I not use Vagisan?

Do not use Vagisan Moist Cream if you have a vaginal infection (e.g Thrush); in this event you should see your doctor. 

You are still able to use Vagisan during pregnancy however the applicator should not be use to apply cream internally. To insert the cream use a clean finger and around 2cm worth of product. The cream must not be used immediately after childbirth.

Where Vagisan CAN be used before sexual intercourse to alleviate you symptoms, it can also compromise the tear strength of condoms and caps/diaphragms, as this is the case you should avoid using the cream in conjunction with these contraceptive products. Vagisan also does not contain any spermicides and therefore does not protect against unwanted pregnancy.

In cases of severe symptoms you should always ask your docor's advice as Vagisan will not be enough to help relieve your symptoms. You should also avoid use of this product if you know of any allergies to ingredients. If a reaction occurs cease use of the product immediately. If the tube or applicator is damaged, or if there are any changes in the appearance of the cream, do not use the product, ideally contact the manufacturer.