Energy and Carbon Reduction Policy

The Company’s Declaration of Commitment

Weldricks are committed to responsible energy and carbon management and will practise energy efficiency throughout the business wherever it is cost effective to do so.


The Company’s policy is to :

  • Actively seek and invest in energy and efficiency saving measures. 
  • Improve awareness and motivation amongst employees to reduce energy usage.
  • Continue to actively recycle waste where possible.
  • Target improvements in transport and fuel efficiency.


The Company’s objectives are to :-

  • Seek to ensure that heating, ventilation and Air Conditioning systems are appropriate and operating efficiently. 
  • Implement a rolling programme for replacing inefficient lighting with LED technology.
  • Target waste reduction by operating and expanding on existing recycling schemes.
  • Increase employee awareness around good energy reduction practices.
  • Make ongoing reviews of company fleet vehicle sizes, models and routes to maximise fuel efficiency and reduce emissions.