Patterson Aquaflex Multlingual

Patterson Aquaflex Multlingual

Patterson Aquaflex Multlingual

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Brand: Patterson Medical
Code: 91253673
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It is very important to exercise pelvic floor muscles correctly.

The Aquaflex cone is inserted the same way as a tampon and causes the pelvic floor muscles to automatically contract around it in order to hold it in place. It is this reflex action that tones the muscles. As the muscles become stronger more weights can be added and the length of time that the cones are in place can be increased up to 20 minutes per day.

  • Exercise system consists of two cones and a set of four weights (5g 10g and 2 x 20g)
  • Once inserted correctly Aquaflex cones automatically isolate and contract the pelvic floor muscles.
  • Gradually add more weights as pelvic floor muscle strength increases. 
  • Used daily for twenty minutes improvements can be expected in just twelve weeks.

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