Poligrip Denture Fixative Cream Ultra 40g

Poligrip Denture Fixative Cream Ultra 40g


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Poligrip Ultra Fixative Cream - Even the best dentures can sometimes become loose. With Poligrip Ultra Fixative Cream this will never be a problem again. Don’t be afraid to try new foods, with Poligrip your dentures aren’t going anywhere. Just a small amount of Poligrip Ultra Fixative Cream is all you need to get unbeatable hold all day, everyday.



  • Clean and dry your dentures.
  • Apply Poligrip in short strips; not too close to the denture edge.
  • Rise mouth before inserting dentures.
  • Press dentures into place, hold firmly, and bite down for a few seconds to secure.


  • Swish mouth with water.
  • Slowly remove denture using a rocking motion.
  • Remove fixative residue from denture and mouth with warm water and a soft brush.
  • Use Dentu-Cream denture cleansing toothpaste to thoroughly clean your dentures.

Helpful hints

  • When using for the first time, apply a small amount.  Too mucgh fixative can cause oozing.  It may take a few tries to find the right amount for your denture.  Wait several minutes before eating or drinking.  Appply once a day for a secure hold.  Do not apply more than once a day.
  • Visit your dentist regularly.  Ill-fitting dentures may impair your health.
  • To keep tip from clogging, keep cap and nozzle dry.


Do not use if you ar eallergic to any of the ingredients.

A few individuals may be sensitive to this formulation.  If discomfort occurs, discontinue use.

Does not contain Zinc.


Poly (methylvinylether/maleic acid), sodium-calcium mixed partial salt, petrolatum, cellulose gum, paraffinum liquidum, aroma, CI 45430.

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