Marsden Smart Diet Scale

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Brand: Smart Diet Scale
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Marsden Smart Diet Scale


The Smart Diet Scale is attractively designed with four separate weight sensors shielded by tempered glass and features touchscreen technology. This makes both using and cleaning the scale a simple task. The four separate portion control Smart Diet Plates measure individual portions of food, and are capable of calculating and displaying the entire nutritional value of your meal all at once.

The Smart Diet Scale includes the scale, four portion control plates, USB cable and application.

The smart diet scale software has:

  • One of the worlds largest nutritional food databases
  • Over 550,000 food options
  • 440,000 grocery items with UPC codes
  • 106,000 restaurant items
  • Kept Tracks of your daily, weekly, monthly meals, goals and more!
  • Stores up to six individual users

The Smart Diet Scale makes it simple to keep track of what you eat! Our Smart Diet software operates on both Android and iOS platforms, and uses nutritional food apps displayed right on your tablet or smart phone, giving you an accurate count of the nutritional value of your entire meal all at once.

The Smart Diet software is invaluable when you consider that dieters who track their food intake are twice as likely to achieve and maintain their loss of weight goals. Over 70 million people use nutritional food apps, but without knowing the precise weight of the food being consumed, this information is less accurate. The Smart Diet Scale takes care of that problem. The groundbreaking Smart Diet Scale is simple, fast, and effective.

Smart Diet plates

Take portion control to the next level with the Smart Diet Plate! The Smart Diet Plate is innovatively designed as four individual sections that work in conjunction with the Smart Diet Scale to help teach portion control and give accurate nutritional details of each specific food item. You can measure one item for a snack or up to four items for a recipe all at once.

Place your food on the Smart Diet Plate, then place the plate on the Smart Diet Scale. The Smart Diet Scale will display the metrics of each item of food on the four compartments in a series of digital readouts.

The Smart Diet Plates are included with the Smart Diet Scale to help teach portion control, but are completely optional – the scale functions the same with or without them. The Smart Diet Plate is dishwasher and microwave safe and you can eat right off it too.


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