About Lipotrim Weight Loss Programme

Are you overweight? Tried several diets with no results? Weldricks could have the answer!

Lipotrim is an award winning weight loss programme only available under the guidance of your pharmacist. The programme is designed for people who are more than 3 stone overweight or have a body mass index (BMI) of over 25. Past results have shown that it is possible to lose a stone every month.

Lipotrim is a total food replacement programme substituting your normal diet with low cal, high fibre products, e.g. soups, drinks and flapjacks. The replacement food products provide u with right amount of essential nutrients your body needs each day, resulting in your reserves of fat and sugar being used to meet your body’s energy needs.

Before being able to enrol on the Lipotrim programme a short confidential health questionnaire will take place with our pharmacist to ensure there will be no medical contraindications to participating in the programme.

Once enrolled on the programme you will be required to attend on a weekly basis with the pharmacist to enable your progress to be monitored.

Interested? Ask our pharmacist for more details or to borrow the Lipotrim information video.

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