Medicines Waste costs over half a million pounds a year in Scotland

Published: 27th March, 2013 in: News

In Scotland it costs £500,000 a year to collect and destroy medicines waste returned to pharmacies, and that is before the cost of the medicines themselves is considered.  The Scottish Liberal Democrats, who have released this figure, are calling on patients and the NHS to cut medicines waste. 

John Hume MSP, the party’s health spokesman said “The NHS is facing some of its toughest tests yet with an aging population and, in future years, the NHS is going to have to do more with less.  We must all do our part to ensure that every penny is used effectively and that wastage is reduced where possible”.

He added “NHS staff need to regularly review the medicines that a patient is on.  This is a proactive measure which could cut costs and improve health by ensuring patients are receiving appropriate treatment.  Patients can do their part by ensuring that they don’t take out repeat prescriptions and then not use them.