Minor Ailments – Barnsley

Minor Ailments – Barnsley

Published: 12th February, 2014 in: News Pulse

By Paul Mason – Pharmacist

Barnsley launch Pharmacyfirst Minor Ailments Scheme.

Winter is the time of year when you are most likely to fall ill. Most people turn to their GP when they feel under the weather, be it for something serious or something less so. With the NHS under pressure, especially during the winter months, it is increasingly important that everyone gets help from the most appropriate healthcare provider. 
The Barnsley Pharmacyfirst Minor Ailments scheme allows for people registered with a Barnsley GP to gain treatment for their minor ailments (such as colds, diarrhoea, headlice etc) from a participating pharmacy without the need to see their GP. Medicines prescribed by the Pharmacist to treat the minor ailment will be provided free of charge to those patients exempt from prescription charges.
Paul Mason, Pharmacist for Weldricks Pharmacy commented “Pharmacists are highly trained to diagnose and treat minor ailments. Under the Pharmacyfirst scheme patients can pop into their local Weldricks Pharmacy and receive treatment without having to make an appointment.”

See below the list of our Barnsley branches offering the Minor Ailments service:

  • Weldricks Pharmacy, Goldthorpe
  • Weldricks Pharmacy, Goldthorpe
  • Weldricks Phamacy, Royston
  • Weldricks Pharmacy, Royston
  • Weldricks Pharmacy, Rawmarsh
  • Weldricks Pharmacy, Bolton on Dearne

Click here to view full details of the Pharmacyfirst NHS scheme and FAQs