BD Safe Clip Needle Clipper

BD Safe Clip Needle Clipper


Brand: B-D
Code: 0029116
Weight: 1g (includes packaging)


BD Safe Clip is a unique needle-clipping device that will remove the used needle from your insulin syringe or insulin pen. The new BD Safe Clip can clip off up to 1500 needles between 28G and 31G and in length from 5mm to 12.7mm. The BD Safe Clip has an improved insertion hole design, is easy to open and has been designed with simplicity, ease of use and security in mind. Safe disposal of used syringes and pen needles is an integral part of the process of delivering insulin and is essential to prevent accidental injury and damage. A needle clipper is therefore an important item of equipment to dipose of sharps responsibility, reducing the risk to yourself or others.

Once you have clipped off your needle put the used syringe or pen needle hub in a rigid sealable container such as a sharps collector. Follow the same procedure with your BD Safe Clip once full.To dispose of the full container, seal the lid securely and follow local guidelines for safe disposal of clinical waste. Alternatively your healthcare team may run a local sharps scheme that you could use to dispose of your clinical waste. Do not put your container or full BD Safe ClipTM in a recycling bin.


Warnings relating to BD Safe Clip:

  • Store BD Safe Clip in the closed position.
  • BD Safe Clip is for individual use only. Do not share.
  • Dispose of clipped needles, syringes and full BD Safe Clip according to local regulations.
  • Do not use to clip lancets.

You should carefully read all product packaging and labels prior to use

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