Mosi-band Insect Repellent Band (natural) Pack of 2

Mosi-band Insect Repellent Band (natural) Pack of 2

Mosi-band Insect Repellent Band (natural) Pack of 2


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Brand: Mosi-band
Code: 3353422
Weight: 14g (includes packaging)


Mosi Bands can be worn on the wrists and/or the ankles and they can repel mosquitoes and other flying or biting insects for up to 100 hours . The active ingredient is Citriodiol a natural repellent derived from Lemon Eucalyptus Oil which is micro-encapsulated onto the material and then activated by stretching the Mosi Band as it is applied.

Simply wear around your wrist or around the ankle for protection for up to 100 hours.

The band contains oils which repel the mosquitos and as these oils do not come in contact with the skin, they do not cause irritation making the bands a mess-free alternative to insect repellent.

  • Great for all outdoor activities.
  • One size fits all.
  • Bands are activated by stretching on the application and then by natural body movement against the skin and clothing (releasing the ingredients from the micro-encapsulation).
  • For maximum effectiveness wear one band on each wrist and one on each ankle.
  • The band can be worn at all times, even when swimming.
  • The band is still active in moving water.


  • Remove from the reusable pack and stretch adjustable bands to activate.
  • Rub the bands on exposed areas and then place the Mosi-Bands around your wrists and/or ankles.
  • In areas of greater concentration of annoying insects, use multiple Mosi-Bands and place around both wrists and ankles for increased effectiveness.
  • After use, store the Mosi-Bands in the reusable pack.

When you need to use them again, simply repeat.



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