Omron Compair Elite Nebuliser Compressor Portable C30

Omron Compair Elite Nebuliser Compressor Portable C30

Omron Compair Elite Nebuliser Compressor Portable C30

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Brand: Omron
Code: 3234085
Weight: 175g (includes packaging)


The CompAIR Elite is the nebuliser for all occasions at home in the office or away on holiday. You can use it in your car, caravan, on your boat or on the train or plane. The unique low flow technology of this new Omron jet nebuliser allows safe and convenient therapy almost everywhere.

The valves in conventional nebulisers allow exhalation through mouthpiece. User can synchronize breathing with nebulisation, hence reducing medication wastage. However, silicon valves are used in these nebulisers.

The Omron Compair Elite C30 Nebuliser features:

  • Virtual Valve Technology (V.V.T.) nebuliser kit 
  • Quality aerosol every time 
  • AC and Battery operated
  • Hygienic - Easy to clean 
  • Compact, travel convenient (battery pack not included) 
  • High nebulisation rate ensures optimized treatment duration 
  • Easy to operate and maintain, with easy-to-clean nebuliser kit without silicon valves 

Omron Nebulisers

The ability to breathe easily and naturally, drawing vital oxygen deep into our lungs, is something most people take for granted. Unfortunately, those suffering from asthma, bronchitis, pulmonary emphysemia or other respiratory disorders see a different side to the story. Of course, each complaint carries its own specific treatments and therapies. However, many doctors and patients are now discovering the benefits of gentle, systematic inhalation using the latest pocket-sized nebulizers. These deliver precise doses of the nebulised medicine directly to the lower respiratory passages, bringing almost instantaneous relief to the sufferer. With OMRON Nebulisers an effective treatment of respiratory diseases can be achieved. Whether your demand is for maximum reliability or maximum portability, we have a wide range of suitable devices. Every OMRON nebuliser is made for long lasting use while maintaining the highest standard of quality. A high aerosol output and well-controlled nebulisation of precious medication make our products popular amongst many private and professional users. 


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Please refer to the detailed warnings contained within the packaging.


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