A Guide to Enterosgel

A Guide to Enterosgel

Published: 28th November, 2017 in: Conditions

Enterosgel is designed to aid a plethora of gut conditions including acute diarrhoea and food allergies. The treatment aids gut health by binding toxins and removing them from the body. If you are suffering from indigestion or allergies, Enterosgel can provide a solution.

How Does Enterosgel Work?

Enterosgel is an intestinal absorbent that targets harmful bacteria and rids it from the body relieving you of any abdominal pain or discomfort. Whether you have IBS or diarrhoea, Enterosgel can provide relief without draining your body of water, vitamins and good bacteria.

What is it Used For?

Enterosgel can be used to provide quick and effective relief from the following:

Diarrhoea –This formula works to detoxify the body ensuring a quick recovery.

IBS – Enterosgel can normalise stool frequency and provide relief from constipation, one of the issues associated with irritable bowel symptom. The Microflora is paramount when it comes to gut health and Enterosgel helps to regulate and protect it.

Allergies – If you suffer from food related allergies, then Enterosgel can help by absorbing allergens and protecting the intestinal mucous membrane.

How to Use It

The recommended dosage for adults is 1 sachet 3 times per day. Take each sachet with 100ml water or a cold drink and always take it 1-2 hours before or after a main meal. The recommended dosage for children aged 3-5 is 1/3 sachet 3 times per day. For children aged 5 or older, the recommended dosage is ½-1 sachet 3 times per day.

Side Effects

Like any medical treatment Enterosgel can have a variety of side effects. Possible side effects of the gel include nausea and constipation. Always ask your GP for advice before using any new forms of medication or pain relief.

Where to Buy It

We stock a range of Enterosgel products to provide you with relief from IBS and diarrhoea symptoms. We stock the formula in both a 90g tube and a 225g tube as well as sachets. Simply dilute the formula with water and the toxins will be eliminated from the body within 12 to 24 hours.

If you are experiencing poor gut health, Enterosgel can help to improve the discomfort associated with IBS, diarrhoea and allergies with its detoxing properties.