Snoring solutions are becoming more widespread and varied, with many people finding that nasal strips in particular are an effective form of treatment. Weldricks stock a range of snoring cures including nasal and throat sprays, lozenges, and even air purification devices.


What causes snoring?
Snoring is caused when your tongue, mouth, throat or airways in your nose vibrate as you breathe when you are relaxing and sleeping. There are certain factors which increase your likelihood of snoring, including:

- Being overweight
- If you are a smoker
- Drinking too much alcohol
- Sleeping posture, particularly if you sleep on your back
- Medical conditions such as sleep apnoea, which is when your airways become temporarily blocked as you sleep.
How to prevent snoring?
To help prevent snoring, you can try a number of things. Below we have listed some methods you can try to help control and prevent snoring.

- Using snoring aids to offer temporary relief
- If your partner is being disturbed by your snoring, ask them to use ear plugs
- Try lose weight healthy and maintain a balanced diet if you are overweight
- Sleep on your side instead of laying on your back
- Quit smoking
- Drink less alcohol
- Stop taking sleeping pills and monitor if there is an improvement as they can sometimes cause snoring.