Deep Heat & Deep Freeze

Deep Heat & Deep Freeze

Published: 14th July, 2014 in: Health Advice

Sprains and strains occur when ligaments, muscles or tendons are overstretched or partially torn and are quite common, especially in sports. Typical symptoms can include redness and aching or pain in the affected area and there may be swelling involved as well. We sell a number of effective treatments for simple sprains and strains including Deep Freeze and Deep Heat.

If you have a sprain or strain that is less than 48 hours old, you should avoid using heat rubs or sprays. Hot things increase the blood flow to the area and can cause more damage. Deep Freeze provides a cooling sensation to the area which reduces the blood flow and swelling to the area and helps the healing process. Deep Freeze is available as a cream and as a spray.

Cream: Combines the proven principle of cold treatment with the benefits of gentle muscle massage. The active ingredient in Deep Freeze Cold Gel cools the skin for rapid pain relief. Deep Freeze Cold Gel is ideal for minor sporting injuries and is designed to rapidly cool an injured area, numbing pain and relieving muscle stiffness.


Spray: This is designed to rapidly cool an injured area, numbing pain and relief muscle stiffness. It is suitable for conditions such as:

  • Relief of pain in muscles, tendons and joints
  • Pain relief in strains, sprains and knocks
  • Swollen areas
  • Arthritic pain and backache

The spray can be used during or immediately after exercise as it rapidly cools the injured area and is idea for areas that are hard to reach or rub in cream.

If your injury is over 48 hours old Deep Heat may be more suitable to help. Deep Heat provides soothing warmth to bruises and sprains that are older than 48 hours old, giving you relief from your minor injury. Weldricks Pharmacy offers two different forms of Deep Heat: spray and cream. They work in exactly the same way, and give quick relief for sporting injuries.

Cream: Can be massaged into the affected area to help stimulate circulation, relax and oxygenate tense, painful tissue. It treats painful areas by providing soothing warmth.

Spray: Can be sprayed directly onto the affected area without the need for massage. It is particularly suitable for hard to reach places.

To help speed your recovery from a basic sprain or strain remember RICE…

Rest the affected area to avoid further injury
Ice or cold treatments reduce pain and swelling. Plain ice or frozen peas are useful for treating an injury at home, but they should be applied wrapped in a towel to prevent ice burns. 
Compression which shouldn’t be excessive, but can help reduce swelling
Elevation of the affected area, ideally to above the level of the heart, will help to reduce fluid accumulation.

These basic steps along with treatment such as Deep Heat or Deep Freeze can help sort out a basic sprain or strain.