Indigestion and Heartburn Relief Products

Indigestion and Heartburn Relief Products

Published: 22nd December, 2016 in: Conditions Health Advice

Everyone can suffer from indigestion at some point in their lives, whether it’s due to a spot of over-indulgence, or potentially a sign of an underlying health issue. You may feel a burning sensation in your chest, and this is caused by acid that moves up from your stomach and into your oesophagus. If you are looking for indigestion relief, we have a number of products that can help you to treat the problem fast.


What are the symptoms?

One of the most common indigestion symptoms is heartburn, but there are many other issues that can cause pain and discomfort. These include nausea, a full or bloated stomach, and flatulence. You may experience these symptoms soon after eating or drinking.


Antacid tablets

We supply a wide range of indigestion relief products in tablet form from leading brands including Gaviscon, Alka-Seltzer, Rennie and more. This type of acid reflux treatment is fast-acting and convenient to take when you are on the go. Available in a range of flavours, you can ease the symptoms of indigestion and heartburn in minutes. Antacid tablets are a popular choice because of how discreet they are, as well as being suitable for people of all ages.


Liquid acid reflux treatments

Liquid heartburn relief treatments are a great alternative should you dislike taking tablets. We stock liquid acid reflux treatments from reliable brands including Pepto Bismol and Gaviscon. Indigestion relief liquids work by coating the oesophagus and relieving the burning sensation.


Do you have products suitable for pregnant women?

Indigestion and heartburn are both common complaints during pregnancy, and Weldricks are proud to stock a range of heartburn relief products which are suitable for use when pregnant.


If your digestive system is sensitive to acid, look no further than our selection of heartburn relief products.