What are Charcoal Tablets?: Uses, Benefits and More

What are Charcoal Tablets?: Uses, Benefits and More

Published: 6th February, 2019 in: Health Advice

Charcoal tablets have become incredibly popular in the health and wellbeing industry for their natural properties and for their versatility of usage too. One of nature’s greatest hidden gems; activated charcoal has been used as a herbal remedy for a number of years to treat a variety of ailments like indigestion, wind and heartburn.

It has been recorded, in fact, that charcoal was used for medicinal purposes as early as 1550 BC by the Ancient Egyptians, but it was towards the latter part of the 18th century where scientific studies uncovered the adsorbent properties of medicinal charcoal. From this, it became possible to prepare charcoal it in its pure state, where it was primarily used as an antidote to poisoning.

Fast forward to 2019, and innovative activated charcoal products are available to purchase over the counter, like Braggs’ Charcoal Tablets, which are an extremely popular product sold online at Weldricks Pharmacy - but why?

In this article, we’ll explore what charcoal tablets are, what they treat, the benefits they can bring for your health, any warnings or side effects associated with the products, and when to incorporate them into your routine.

What Are Charcoal Tablets?

Charcoal tablets are 100% natural tablets which contain the ingredient of activated charcoal.

The charcoal used in JL Braggs’ charcoal tablets specifically comes from coconut shells, resulting in a product which is sustainable for both the food industry and the ecosystem, because the husks of the coconut shells are not a food source, and no trees are damaged in the process of acquiring the charcoal.

Braggs’ activated charcoal tablets are wheat and lactose free, making them suitable for those who are lactose intolerant. They are also kosher, as well as being suitable for both vegetarians and vegans too.

What Can Activated Charcoal Treat?

Activated charcoal has been used for many years to treat the symptoms of various intestinal disorders.

In particular, JL Braggs’ Charcoal Tablets can be used to treat the symptoms of indigestion, wind and heartburn. They can also be used to alleviate the symptoms of Dyspepsia, which is chronic or recurring pain in the abdomen accompanied by bloating, belching and nausea.

Charcoal tablets can also provide relief from occasional diarrhoea, while activated charcoal has also been used in certain cases of drug overdose or accidental poisoning, and to help soothe the itching sensation some patients feel while receiving dialysis treatment too.

More recently, activated charcoal has been used in modern activities such as teeth whitening and to improve the appearance of the skin as part of a skincare routine. It is said to bind the toxins and pull them away from the teeth to create a whiter appearance, while clearing the body of toxins to improve the appearance of your skin.

While anecdotal reports have supported the benefits of activated charcoal in these two instances, the data supporting the benefit of activated charcoal for whitening teeth and skin care remains uncertain.

The Benefits of Charcoal Tablets

Charcoal tablets come with a number of benefits when implemented correctly into your health and wellbeing routine.

Firstly, they are 100% natural, providing relief for a number of common ailments to do with your abdomen such as wind and diarrhoea.

More specifically, one of the benefits of taking Braggs’ Charcoal Tablets is that, as opposed to other digestive products available on the market, they aren’t actually drugs. This means that these particular charcoal tablets have no direct actions on any organs within the body, they do not enter the bloodstream nor is the charcoal itself absorbed into your body. When taking Braggs’, all of the ingredients naturally pass throughout your system along with the range of toxins and gasses collected on its journey.

While activated charcoal generally falls under the FCA’s Pregnancy Category C, which means that studies show that it can harm a developing baby in animals, JL Braggs’ Charcoal Tablets in particular have been labelled safe for those who are both pregnant and lactating, meaning you can enjoy the benefits they bring without worrying about the safety of your baby as a result.  

Activated Charcoal Warnings

It’s important to read the information leaflet which comes with any kind of activated charcoal product you purchase, understanding all of the possible side effects that your charcoal tablets could have before you begin to implement them into your routine.

It is also worth noting that if you are regularly taking any other medicine, you should consult your doctor or pharmacist before considering taking an activated charcoal product too to ensure it is safe for you personally to take.

Children under the age of 12 are not recommended to take activated charcoal products like Braggs’ Charcoal Tablets.

If taking your activated charcoal does not alleviate symptoms like gas, bloating or diarrhoea, please contact your doctor for further help.

Each individual charcoal product comes with its own side effect warning, but no side effects have been reported with Braggs’ Charcoal Tablets. This does not mean that the tablets are completely without side effect, though if you have any unusual reaction or are feeling unwell after taking your charcoal tablets, please consult your doctor immediately.

When to take your Activated Charcoal

Implementing your Braggs’ Charcoal Tablets into your routine couldn’t be more simple. For adults and children over 12, simply take 2-4 tablets, 3 times a day, after mealtimes.

You can chew them or swallow them with liquid as per your preference.


If you regularly suffer with bloating or digestion issues and you’re looking for a completely natural product to introduce to your routine that can help to alleviate your painful symptoms, then perhaps charcoal tablets could be a welcome introduction to your health and wellbeing journey.

Of course, before you invest in a product and implement it into your routine it’s incredibly important to do your research and to consult your doctor if you need to, to make sure your charcoal tablets are safe.

Braggs’ Charcoal Tablets are available from Weldricks Pharmacy in a pack of 100 and can offer you a symptomatic relief to indigestion, heartburn or wind. Typically dispatched in 3-5 days, with a little help from Weldricks, Braggs Charcoal Tablets could go from basket to supplement cabinet in a matter of days, having your digestive system feeling in tip top condition in no time.