Antipeol Ointment 37g

Antipeol Ointment 37g

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Brand: Antipeol
Code: 0014696
Weight: 37g (includes packaging)


Formally known as St. James' Balm.

Antipeol is a soothing ointment for relief of minor skin problems.

Antipeol Ointment contains:

  • Zinc Oxide - to soothe and protect your skin
  • Ichthammol and Salicylic Acid  - to stop growth of bacteria on your skin
  • Urea - to help to keep moisture in your skin
  • Wash the affected area with soap and water 
  • Dry the area with a clean towel 
  • Apply the balm on and around the affected area 
  • Wash your hands very well after

Stop using Antipeol if you start having any of the following: 

  • Irritation to the skin 
  • Rash or swelling where you have applied the cream 

If you notice any of the above, or if you notice any side effects not listed please tell your doctor or pharmacist


Zinc Oxide BP 20.0% w/w, Ichthammol BP. (1 in 3 dilution) 2.8% w/w, Salicylic Acid BP 0.1% w/w, Urea BP 0.1% w/w.

Also contains: Liquid Paraffin, Yellow Soft Paraffin, Wool Fat, Urea and Lavender Oil.

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