Daktarin Aktiv Cream 15g

Daktarin Aktiv Cream 15g

Daktarin Aktiv Cream 15g

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Brand: Daktarin
Code: 0229336
Weight: 15g (includes packaging)


Daktarin Aktiv Cream is a medicine which is used to effectively treat and relieve Athlete's Foot. The cream contains miconazole nitrate which works by destroying both the fungus that causes the infection and some of the associated bacteria which may also be present. It also has moisturising properties to help soothe cracked, red skin caused by Athlete's Foot.

This medicine is for use in adults and children of all ages.


  • Adults and children should clean and dry the affected area thoroughly.
  • Apply Daktarin Aktiv Cream twice daily to the affected area.
  • Continue treatment for two weeks after signs of infection have cleared.



Do not use this medicine: If you have ever had a bad reaction to any of the ingredients.

Talk to your doctor or pharmacist if you are taking Oral anticoagulants (drugs used to thin the blood).

If you are pregnant or breast-feeding ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice before using this medicine if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Please read all product packaging and labels prior to use.


The active ingredient in 1g of Daktarin Aktiv Cream is: Miconazole nitrate 20 mg.

Other ingredients are: PEG-6, PEG-32 and glycol stearate, oleoyl macroglycerides, liquid paraffin,benzoic acid (E210), butylated hydroxyanisole (E320), purified water.

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