Dodson & Horrell Equilac 10kg

Dodson & Horrell Equilac 10kg

Dodson & Horrell Equilac 10kg


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Brand: Dodson & Horrell
Code: 9993431116
Weight: 10000g


Dodson & Horrell Equilac is a mare's milk replacer. 66% skim/11& whey.


Mix 130g of Equilac powder with 1 litre (1.75pints) of warm water (37-38°C/98-100°F). Do not reheat.

A small amount of blue-coloured specs should be expected and are perfectly normal. They are a result of the inclusion of a bio-available source of copper. Full feeding guidelines are provided in the tub.


Do not exceed the recommended feeding guide without consulting your veterinarian.


Est. Digestible Energy 19.0 MJ/Kg, Crude Protein 26.0%, Crude Oils & Fats 12.0%, Crude Fibre 0.0%, Crude Ash 7.5%, Copper 25 mg/kg, Vitamin A 20,000 iu/kg, Vitamin D 2,000 iu/kg, Vitamin E 250 mg/kg.

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