Mobility aids & disability products

Weldricks have partnered with Mobility2You to offer a wide range of mobility and disability products.

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About Mobility2You

Weldricks are delighted to be collaborating with Mobility2You, this new partnership will now enable us to offer our customers a wide range of mobility and disability products.

Independent living needs are paramount to our wellbeing, therefore whether it's a walker, wheelchair or rollator, Mobility2You are sure to help!

Mobility2You range

Mobility2You Wheelchairs


Explore the extensive range of wheelchairs, suitable for every need.

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Mobility2You Walking Aids

Walking Aids

From Rollators to Canes, there's a walking aid for everybody!

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Mobility2You Daily Living Aids

Daily Living Aids

For all of life's everyday needs, there's a daily living aid to help you.

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Mobility2You Bathroom Aids

Bathroom Aids

Bath, shower, sink or toilet, there's a solution for all bathroom risks.

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