Patient Results

Patient Questionnaire Results 2019 - 2020

You may have been aware that over the last 12 months we have been carrying out patient surveys regarding the services provided by Weldricks Pharmacy.

Thank you to all those people who took the time to complete a questionnaire, your feedback and comments are invaluable.

A total of 7,492 questionnaires were completed across the group. The findings from the questionnaires were as follows:

  • 98% of the public asked were satisfied with the time it took to have their prescription provided
  • 98% of the public thought the cleanliness of the pharmacies were good
  • 96% of the public thought the comfort and convenience of the waiting areas were good
  • 98% of the public rated the staff who work in our pharmacies as good
  • 82% of the public choose to visit a Weldricks pharmacy rather than any other pharmacy
  • 96% of the public would recommend Weldricks to another person who has a prescription or needs pharmacy services

Areas where we want to improve public knowledge is:

37% of the public do not use the pharmacy for general advice on leading a more healthy lifestyle. We can work on this ensuring every person who has a Medicines Usage Review (MUR) or a New Medicines Service is asked:

  • If they are a smoker and, if so, be offered smoking cessation advice and treatment as 76% had never been given Smoking Cessation advice.
  • If they are outside of the healthy BMI guide and, if so, be offered healthy eating, dietary advice. 77% have never been given advice on healthy eating.
  • If they take regular exercise and explain the benefits of being active and discuss what activities they could perform to help their heart. 80% had never been given physical exercise advice.

17% of the public did not know we offered a free Prescription Ordering Service:

  • this aspect needs publicising by the staff and also within MURs.