Enterosgel Kids 90g

Enterosgel Kids 90g

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Enterosgel Kids is a safe and effective treatment for kids with short-term diarrhoea, suitable for ages 1 yr+. Great to take with you on holiday to help stop those tummy troubles, as it can be used by the whole family.

The product is a gel that you can easily mix with water or an oral rehydration salt solution and because the gel has no taste it is well tolerated by kids. Taking with oral rehydration solution (ORS) is a great option for kids with diarrhoea, as Enterosgel reduces the duration of the diarrhoea and the ORS helps to prevent them from getting dehydrated.

Enterosgel Kids is completely non-allergenic and contains no preservatives, additives, plant or animal derived ingredients. It is a safe treatment as it is not adsorbed by the body, it just works in the gut physically binding to bacterial toxins, viruses and other harmful substances that can cause diarrhoea and removing them your body in the stool.

Enterosgel is:

100% Vegan
Gluten free
Sugar free
Lactose free


For Oral Administration

Take Enterosgel treatment 2 hours before or after a meal.
Shake the tube well before opening.
Dilute the dose in water at room temperature prior to its administration.


1-3 years old: it is advisable to consult a doctor before using Enterosgel.

1-6 years old: 5g (approximately 1 teaspoon) diluted in 50-100ml of water three times a day.

7-14 years old: 10g (approximately 2 teaspoons) diluted in 50-100ml of water 3 times a day.

For children 15+ and adults: 15g to 22.5g (approximately 1 tablespoon) diluted in 200ml of water, 3 times a day.


Do not exceed recommended dose.

Do not take Enterosgel if you have intestinal atony (severe constipation due to bowel obstruction), intestinal blockage, intolerance based on prior use of Enterosgel, or if you are currently using modified-release orally administrated medications.

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