Femmax Vaginal Dilators Pink Pack of 4

Femmax Vaginal Dilators Pink Pack of 4


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Femmax Vaginal Dilator for the treatment of Vaginismus, Dyspareaunia and Vaginal Adhesions.

The Femmax Dilator can be used for:

  • The treatment of vaginal adhesions following gynecological surgery and radiotherapy treatment.
  • Women who suffer from painful sexual intercourse.
  • Treatment for vaginismus and dyspareunia.
  • Women who wished to train their vaginal muscles to relax without fear and pressure.

Safe, easy and convenient to use

Dilator set consist of 4 dilators - graduated in size and length to allow a natural progression during treatment.

Easy storage - the 4 dilators are stored by sliding them into each other and placing them in the accompanying case. Unique screw together design provides a handle to provide support and stability during use.

Discreet and portable - case protects dilators and also includes space for small lubricant bottle.

It is recommended that the product is single user only and should be replaced if it becomes scratched or damaged in anyway.

Supplied with full instructions for use and complimentary CD. The CD provides the instructions in visual format together with relaxation music, enabling the user to create an appropriate environment for using the dilator in order to maximise the physical and psychological benefits of treatment.

The FEMMAX vaginal dilators are used to help to keep the vagina healthy and supple and to reduce the risk of adhesions (soft tissue fusion) following radiotherapy or surgery. This may help to reduce discomfort during follow up examinations, further treatments and sexual intercourse.


How to use Femmax Vaginal Dilators

Assembling the FEMMAX dilators

FEMMAX vaginal dilators are supplied as a set of 4 dilators stored by sliding them into each other and placing them in the accompanying case.

To open the case, press down on the flat area on the front of the case.

The two smallest dilators screw together to become a double ended dilator. The two largest dilators also fit together to form a pair.

One dilator inserts into the vagina and the other becomes a handle to provide support and stability during insertion.

 Using FEMMAX dilators

Full instructions for use are provided with the product. It is very important that users refer to these instructions prior to use.

The dilators should be used in a place that is comfortable, private ad allows the user to relax as much as possible. Dilation begins with the smallest size vaginal dilator, gradually increasing in size over time. It is important to stretch the vagina to keep it healthy and supple and the user should aim to eventually be using the largest dilator comfortable for them.

1. A small amount of a vaginal lubricant should be applied to the end of the dilator prior to insertion.

2. The vaginal dilator is inserted into the vagina gently and as deeply as possible.

3. Applying a little pressure so that the user can feel the top of the vagina small circular (grinding) motion. Some patients may be advised to hold the dilator firmly in place for a period of time or may be advised to insert, remove and reinsert, repeating this process several times. Your doctor or nurse specialist should advise the user fully on this.

Should some spotting or slight bleeding occur after use, this is considered normal because of the breakdown of any scar tissue (adhesions). However, should heavy or prolonged bleeding occur the user must contact their doctor or nurse specialist immediately.

The dilator should generally be used twice every day for a period of 6 weeks (i.e. morning and night, or whenever convenient) then used 3 times per week for 6 months and once weekly thereafter for as long as advised to do so by the doctor or nurse specialist.




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